Complex Resilient Intelligent Systems Laboratory (CRIS Lab) was founded in 2011 by Prof. Venkat Venkatasubramanian. Our group’s research contributions have been in three areas: (1) Risk analysis and management in complex engineered systems, (2) Cyberinfrastructure and “big data” analytics for molecular products design and discovery, and (3) Complex adaptive teleological systems and emergence. These challenges are addressed using a combination of artificial intelligence, informatics, statistics, and mathematical programming techniques.

Latest CRIS News:

The Symposium on Inequality, Entropy and Econophysics (IEE 2019) to be held on May 30-31 2019, at Riverside Church Conference Hall, New York (Link)

  • New perspective article on "The promise of Artificial Intelligence in Chemical Engineering" (link)
  • Prof. Venkatasubramanian talks about "Ideal Income Inequality" with Nautilus (link)
  • Prof. Venkatasubramanian publishes his new book, 'How Much Inequality is Fair? Mathematical Principles of a Moral, Optimal, and Stable Capitalist Society' (link)
  • New Paper: "Statistical Teleodynamics: Toward a Theory of Emergence" (link)



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